Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Back...... Thanks for all the emails wondering where I have been. And thanks for all the get well cards they are all treasures. In case some of you don't know.
Over a month ago I was at Brittany's school doing the talent show run through. I was in charge of the show again this year. I had a little one fall on stage and bust her lip. And as most of you know I sub as the nurse when she is out. Anyway I had taken a step up a few steps.. and I told the mom someone just hit me in the back of the leg with something and it exploded. We looked around and there was no one there. That was odd it felt like something hit my leg hard and just exploded. But there was nothing no one.... Odd!!! Well not really cause in just a few seconds I went to take another step and realized it was me I am II could not put any weight on my right leg the pain was really bad. I managed to get to the clinic and of course the child was already there being taken care of no more tears and she was off to practice. Me on the other hand.... wow I sat in a chair and the pain just kept getting worse I had ice all over it but we did not know what happen. Hubby took me to the Urgent Care Clinic since it was close and we found out I tore my calf muscle. Then I heard him say those bad bad words.... It will take 2 to 3 months to heal.. You will be off your feet... Excuse me there DR.. You don't understand I have a talent show to put on tomorrow and then we start count down to graduation+ Luncheons, Awards ceremony's, Chapels, Parties, Graduation, National Tap Dance day... What do you mean off my feet.. Well if we go anywhere that we are going to be for long periods of time ie the mall, walmart I go in a wheelchair or get to use the power cart there. All the other times I am on crutches. Needless to say not much scrapbooking.
I did manage to finish the grad announcements and will scan and post in a few. But here is a card I did yesterday. Hope you enjoy it..
Happy Scrappin Ya'll...