Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Morning my bloggin friends. Sorry haven't had a chance to post these last few days. I did get a few birthday cards, halloween cards, and altered a book this past week. But didn't get a chance to post anything yet. Most of you who know me know how we feel about our dogs. After losing Dixie to breast cancer a couple of years ago we watch them pretty close. Then the news of Ginger being a diabetic. What next. The last year Audie has had this growth on his stomach. The vet didn't want to remove it until it got to big or started bothering him. Well with Gary being home a little more these days I thought it best we do the surgery. We took him in Thursday at noon the surgery took about an hour. The vet called and said it was over we could come see him. But he would have to stay over night so they could keep an eye on him. (I wasn't to happy about it) We drove up to see him and of course he was still out of it but starting to come around. So we left before we woke up. But we did get a chance to see the tumor that was growing inside my baby. A 5 lb fatty tumor. I took pictures (of course) but doubt I will post them here. He did a test on it and no cancer. Praise God! We picked him up early Friday morning and they sent him home with an antibiotic and pain pills. He slept pretty much all day. And by that evening he was himself again.

Today is a beautiful fall day. It is 53 outside and very windy.

Enjoy your day...

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