Monday, November 17, 2008

Wow so much has happen and I haven't been able to post it... First we celebrated Gary's birthday last Tuesday. Then Thursday we celebrated our baby girls 18th. Wow she is an adult now. Can't believe how 18 years just flew by so quickly. We celebrated the evening with her grandparents and a dinner at Carrino's Italian Resturant. It was a very nice meal.
Her dad and I got her a pearl necklace.

Something she has been asking for. I don't think at 18 I wanted a pearl necklace. My parents got her a brand new car just a couple of months early

and then as a 2nd gift my mom gave her money to go buy a coach purse. So Friday as soon as she got home from school we went and bought the new coach purse.
I don't have a pciture of it yet. I don't think I can get it out of her hands long enough.
Here are some more pictures from that night.

The day after this lovely eveing I began to get sick. I thought it was just allergies and maybe it started out to be but then I ran fever all weekend and this morning too. And this headache. 3 days now and I thought for sure last night that one side of my head was going to explode. It didn't but I think it wants too.

Before calling it a night I have one more thing to tell you about. I called my dad about 6:50 pm tonight and he said he was going outside (they live in San Antonio about 45- 50 miles south of us) because the space station was going to go over and was coming our way. So we ran outside and at 7:01 pm we watch as the Space Station flew over our house. And at 7:02 it disappeared. I ran in and called my dad and asked if he saw it and he said yes I told him we had too. He said we get another chance at it tomorrow as well. So we will see.
Okay I know my head is fixing to explode so I am going to lay down and watch Jon and Kate plus 8 and try to get some rest.
I do have some cards to post so hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday I will have time to do that.
Have a good evening.

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