Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Friday to all my scrappin stampin buddies. Hope you all have happy plans for the weekend. I do well on Sunday I do.... I get to pick Brittany up from the airport. Of course I miss her body being in the house but she hasn't given me much time to miss miss her. We spend hours on the phone. She calls in the morning when she gets up and we talk for an hour. You know this college thing may workout okay after all. Of course I am still hoping we move close so she can stay at home when she wants and travel back and forth to school. But either way she will be great.
Well being that I have the house to myself yesterday and today I did get a lot done. I just finished some recipes this morning.
Now off to finish those Valentines. I will post them if I get them finished today.
Everyone have a Happy Friday.. Talk to you soon.

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