Sunday, June 14, 2009

This has been a week. I didn't get hardly anything done. I tired but it just wasn't there. I lost my grandfather early Tuesday morning. It was somewhat expected. Well that is we knew it would happen but is death ever really expected? If we knew what day and time we would die would we live life to it's fullest and say goodbye to our love ones before we went to sleep? I would not want to know. I would be afraid I would not get everything done. I have realized over the last few months I have realized that it isn't the materialistic things you have in life that mean the most it is the smallest things that matter. The I love yous or the hey thanks, or you look nice that matters. My grandpa was 84 when he passed away. He was told 2 years ago he had cancer and was only given a few months to live. Well 2 years later... The best thing I can thank God for is when he did finally get sick a couple of months ago he was in no pain. The worst part about the whole thing was about 2 weeks ago he started losing his appetite. But still no pain. He went home to God peacefully in his sleep. He will be greatly missed.

As I said this week was a non creative week. But I finally gave my mom hers and my dad's 40th anniversary card so I can now post it.
This week I will be moving my scrapbook room into our game room. One good thing I am not downsizing I am up sizing. We are having a house guest for a few months and I needed to give up the bedroom. But I am happy to have a new space for a while.
Before I go here is that anniversary card and I will hopefully be posting Father's Day cards before I unplug to move.

Happy Scrappin and Stampin Ya'll

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