Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sept 27, 2008

Each morning I have been sitting with my big red cup of coffee in front of the computer reading blogs. I was having fun with MySpace and Facebook and love finding old friends, blogs are different. I find myself reading the same ones over and over and through each post become closer to the person I am reading about. They not only talk about scrapbook or card making but they share heartfelt things about the family or situations in their life. At first I thought how can people share this with an entire world but the more I type here the easier it becomes to share with you all about my life. Although there are things going on right now that I can't share about but soon I will be able to share it all.
This morning I slept in (7:30) until Brittany texted me saying she arrived at her ACT test. I planned on taking the laptop outside with my cup of joe this morning and sitting under the trees reading my daily blogs. The weather has been in the low 60's when we wake in the morning. A change from our 90 degree mornings a few weeks ago. I am looking forward to the days of open windows and doors. I absolutley love having my windows open airing out the house. Gary doesn't care for it because Audie has to bark at everything that moves.
We had a few things to do today but didn't get one of them done. We went into San Antonio grocery shopping and came back home. I am wishing for that 60 degree weather right now to sit outside under my trees. I guess now I might venture into the studio and see if I can't create something. I do have a lot to work on but kind of feel lazy today. I have a few recipe cards to finish and some images to stamp for a swap I am in.
I will try to scan and post something this weekend. Since I am sure that is what most of you want to see. Better go create. Everyone have a good Saturday evening.

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