Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to School...... NOT!
Let me fill you in on what has happen since we last visited. New Years Eve we went to the small town dance. It was fun but well lets see how can I put it?????? oh yea small town dance. ha ha We stayed till about 11:45 to hurry home by midnight so that our lab would not panic by himself. We brought in the new year watching him shake and pant as he usually does while the fireworks outside go off. He finally settled down about 2am and went to sleep. I still think he needs puppy prozac or something.
New Years day I made a Ham and Black Eyed Peas. Friday night was a big night ha ha... We left to go into the big city for dinner with old friends. My graceful tap dancer feel off the front porch on her hand. Well as we got closer to SA she says I can't move my hand and it is really hurting. We had dinner and by the time we got home her hand was swelled. Thinking it was swollen we all went to bed. Got up Saturday morning had breakfast and took a trip to the ER. Only to find out from the Dr..... that in his exact words "It isn't broke today but it might be tomorrow or in a week." "We will soft cast it and you go see your Dr Monday if it still hurts. " So it isn't broke today but it might be tomorrow...... What the brilliant Dr should have said was the swelling was to bad to tell if it was broke or not.
So being that today was the back to school day we got to stay home and go to our Dr. He took some Xrays and said it doesn't appear to be broke but a severe sprang. So Praise God it isn't broke. So it is in a soft cast for a couple of weeks.
So tomorrow we get to go back to school..... Unless it snows. And that is a whole other story. We went from AC this weekend to heat today. A 40 degree difference in temp. I would love to live somewhere that stays cold in the winter and hot in the summer. You know seasons.......

I have begun the His Holy Name and Scripture Challenge with Faith Sisters so I will try to have them finish and posted tomorrow.
Until then......
Happy stampin!

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